Kelly and I had a great time at WPPI, a photography convention, in Vegas. Even though we are not photographers it was still a good time meeting photographers and seeing all the different products available. One night we went out to the infamous Lazers and Blazers party (below is a little harlem shake video from the party). We always enjoy some good music to dance to. On the way home we stopped by an abondoned water park and took a few clips and photos.


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
We had such a awesome and lazy Christmas…also so was our NYE. Paul had a few days off for both holidays and I was sick so by the time New Years Day came we where so over laying around our house and walking around Seal. When woke up on Tuesday we needed to get out of our place. I said north or south. We never pick south so I don’t even know why I ask! And of course he said north. So this was our day checking the surf, shopping, coffee and then surfing. This is part one of ‘OUR LIFE’ series. Maybe we will try south again…one day.